Perhaps you were looking for his counterparts, Withered Bonnie, Toy Bonnie, Shadow Bonnie, Spring-Trap, Nightmare Bonnie, Plushtrap, or maybe Jack-o-Bonnie?

Bonnie Mugshot
Vital statistics
Status Dismantled
Gender Male
Species Animatronic Rabbit
Physical attributes
Debut Five Nights at Freddy's
Starting Location Show Stage
Position Secondary Antagonist

Bonnie is a secondary antagonist.


Bonnie is a violet animatronic rabbit.  Everything on him is the same shade of violet.  The only exceptions are his muzzle, ears, and belly, which are lavender in color. He has a bowtie, which is red. He has violet animatronic eyes, and twelve teeth, two on his upper jaw, ten on his lower. He holds a red electric guitar.


Bonnie has no set pattern, but always begins on the Show Stage.  Later, he will teleport to any of the following rooms: the Dining Area, Backstage, the West Hall, the Supply Closet, or West Hall Corner.  After appearing in the West Hall Corner, he may appear at the left door, which you should close if you turn on your light and see him there.  If you fail to do this, he will slip into your office.  Bonnie will come to your door the most frequently.

Bonnie is one of two animatronics, the other being Chica, that can jam your door, rendering you defenseless.  If he does this, raise the monitor to end your game, unless you are at 5 AM, where you can sit the rest of the night out.  The latter is not recommended because of Freddy and Foxy.


After slipping into your office, Bonnie seems to attack you with a chomping motion, and is shown opening his mouth very wide while doing this, revealing his endoskeleton teeth.  

Bonnie Jumpscare 1


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  • Bonnie is always the first animatronic to move on nights 1 and 2.
  • Bonnie was considered female until Scott Cawthon revealed otherwise. This is as Bonnie is a feminine name.  
  • In the trailer, Bonnie was seen running. He was replaced in doing this by Foxy.
    • There is no in-game file of him doing this to date.
  • Scott found Bonnie as the scariest animatronics, even having had nightmares about him.
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