Perhaps you were looking for her counterparts, Withered Chica, Toy Chica, Phantom Chica, Nightmare Chica, or Jack-o-Chica?

Chica Mugshot
Vital statistics
Status Dismantled
Gender Female
Species Animatronic Chicken
Physical attributes
Debut Five Nights at Freddy's
Starting Location Show Stage
Position Secondary Antagonist

Chica is a secondary antagonist.


Chica is a yellow animatronic chicken. She is completely the same shade of yellow. The only exceptions are her beak, legs, and bib, the latter of the three being white and saying, "Let's Eat!!!", and the rest being orange. She has lavender animatronic eyes, and ten teeth. She holds a cupcake with animatronic features.


Chica does not have much of a pattern.  After she leaves the Show Stage, she can go anywhere from the Kitchen, the Restrooms, the Dining Area, the East Hall, or the East Hall Corner.  After any of these locations, she may go to your office and stand at the right door.  You must close you left door.

Chica is one of two animatronics, the other being, that can jam your door, rendering you defenseless.  If she does this, raise the monitor to end your game, unless you are at 5 AM, where you can sit the rest of the night out.  The latter is not recommended because of Freddy and Foxy.


When Chica slips into your office, Chica seems to scream at you in a chomping motion.  She also seems to be lunging forward at the same time. 
Chica Jumpscare 1


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  • On any night after Night 2, Chica may leave the Show Stage before Bonnie.
  • Chica is often considered a duck, even though Scott has confirmed that she is a chicken.
    • Some have referred to her as a Chicken-Duck thing.
    • She has also been considered male several times, despite her feminine name.
      • Chica even means girl in Spanish.
  • When Chica is in the Kitchen, you can hear what seems to be pots and pans rattling.
  • Occasionally, Chica may be heard in the Kitchen after the power runs out.
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