East Hall Corner
East Hall Corner
Physical statistics
Game Five Nights at Freddy's
Camera 4B
Location Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
Animatronics Chica, Freddy

The East Hall Corner is a room in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


The east hall corner has the same wall and floor pattern as the rest of the rooms in the pizzeria. There are some wires and stars hanging from the ceiling. On the wall, there is a poster stating the rules of the pizzeria:

  1. ​Don't Run
  2. Don't Yell
  3. Don't Scream
  4. Don't Poop on Floor
  5. Stay Close to Mom
  6. Don't Touch Freddy
  7. Don't Hit
  8. Leave Before Dark

Thank You, Management

Easter EggsEdit

On various occasions, the poster may change to a newspaper about the five missing children.


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  • While Chica may visit the right door after coming to the east hall corner, Freddy will not, and will go straight into your office.
  • This room has one of the most speculated subjects in Five Nights at Freddy's included in its hallucinations; the five missing children.