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Golden Freddy
Golden Freddy Texture
Vital statistics
Status Unknown
Gender Unknown (Presumably Male)
Species Animatronic Bear
Physical attributes
Debut Five Nights at Freddy's
Starting Location West Hall Corner
Position Hallucination

Golden Freddy is a hallucination.


Golden Freddy appears to be a yellow version of Freddy, but slumped over and missing an endoskeleton.  Where his eyes would be are pinprick white pupils that can barely be seen.  His top hat and bowtie also seem like a very dark blue in color.


Golden Freddy can only be seen in the West Hall Corner, appearing on the poster very rarely on the first night, the third night, and the custom night. Afterwards he will appear in the office, but can be warded off if you raise the monitor.


If you fail to ward him off, the upper half of Golden Freddy's head will appear on your screen and crash your game.

Golden Freddy Jumpscare 1


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  • Before the release of the second game, Golden Freddy's name was unknown, and was actually dubbed his later official name by the community.
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