The monitor is the device you use to check the cameras on Five Nights at Freddy's
Monitor Button

The monitor's button.


The moiitor has an old fashioned appearance, but seems up to date with newer technology, as the buttons seem to be

The camera selection on the monitor.

on the screen rather than to the side. This could be touchscreen. The lettering on the camera is pixelated, which could mean it is using video casettes to record footage, which often had pixelated lettering or numbers if any at all, like a date.


The gameplay for the monitor is basically checking various camera.s It was revealed that keeping the camera on any feed, not just Pirate's Cove, could keep Foxy at bay. Keeping the feed on wherever Freddy is at a certain time will keep Freddy at bay for a certain amount of time, if not the whole night. Keeping these two facts in mind, the technique called "Freddy Freezebear" was invented.